Comprehensive Site Evaluation & Implementation

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We provide a detailed report based on your organizational goals, including:

  • Gap Analysis
  • Financial Processes and Compliance Review
  • Staffing Capacity Analysis
  • Physician Compensation Model Development
  • Research Director/Manager Onboarding
  • Immediate and Long-Term Action Recommendations

Understanding the Infrastructure.
Planning for the Future.

Each research program is unique with varying needs of guidance and support. Some may need help examining financial flows to ensure compliance, while others may need assistance in determining the best way to compensate physicians conducting trials. Still others may want advice on incorporating research informatics into daily operations.

GuideStar’s experts bring best practice experience from around the country to take a deep dive into your specific research program. From operational efficiencies and staffing analysis to financial status and billing flows, GuideStar not only has the depth of knowledge to pinpoint areas for improvement, but also the capacity to outline and implement steps for strategically moving forward toward greater success.

Questions to Ask

To operate a successful clinical trials program, research leaders must ask themselves hard questions to identify key financial and operational issues that may be barriers to success.

Is your research program profitable?

Are you sure you’re not leaving money on the table during trial budget negotiations?

Does your research department comply with ever-changing FDA guidelines?

Do you know how efficient your research department really is?

Do you have sufficient trial enrollment volume?

Are you getting the trials you need to sustain your research program?

Is your research department appropriately staffed and trained?

Do you have clinical trial management technology?

Are you letting your community know you are involved in clinical research?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, contact GuideStar to discuss how to optimize your research efforts today.

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