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We deliver a comprehensive report based on your organizational goals which includes:

  • Recommended goals and strategies
  • Level of research support, leadership, medical and other staffing needs
  • Financial performance review and gap analysis of processes
  • Summary of approach to enhance infrastructure
  • Clinical trial allocation based on revenue growth and goals
  • Organizational structure
  • Immediate action steps focused on compliance

The GuideStar Approach

Healthcare organizations conducting research work continuously to identify opportunities to improve efficiency, increase profitability and advance growth. GuideStar Research industry leaders bring guidance, support and innovative solutions to clinical programs in healthcare settings, whether you’re conducting a limited number of trials or extensively across several specialties.

GuideStar consultants take a deep dive into your existing research program and identify inefficiencies to streamline processes.

Research Consulting Services Address

Strategy and goals

Staffing capacity and potential level of physician participation

Financial management and profitability

Administrative level understanding of goals

Clinical Trial Portfolio and volume

Organizational culture and structure

Technology and resources

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